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Are more expensive because the development time required is longer. This waterfall model is not suitable for developing projects that have high complexity. Prototype SDLC Prototype Method The next SDLC method is prototyping. The prototype method is a method that allows users to have an initial . Idea of the software to be developed, and users can carry out initial. Testing before the software is released. This method aims to develop the model into final software. This means that the system will be developed more quickly and the costs incurred will be lower. This prototype method has stages that must be carried out in software development. The following are the stages of software development using the prototype method. Requirements analysis At this stage.

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And all system requirements to be created. Creating a prototype Creating a temporary design that focuses on the flow of the program to the user. Prototype evaluation Evaluation is carried out to find out whether the prototype model meets expectations. Coding the system whatsapp database If the prototype is approved it will be translated into the appropriate programming language. System testing Once the software is ready, it must pass testing. This testing is usually carried out using White Box Testing, Black Box Testing, etc. System evaluation Users evaluate whether the software meets expectations or not. If yes, do the next step. If not, repeat the stages of coding the system and testing the system. Using a software system that has been tested and approved is ready for use.

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As a method that is often used, development time Implementing.  Features becomes easier, because developers know what to expect The following are the disadvantages of the prototype method: The process carried out for analysis and design is too short Less Phone Number IT flexible if changes occur Agile Agile SDLC Method The third SDLC method is agile. The agile method is a flexible method where development is carried out in the short term. However, rapid adaptation is required from developers to changes in any form. Agile Goals The following are the goals of agile, including: High – value & working app system Produces products of good quality and has high selling value.

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