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In Poland – in the post-transformation period, when the number of street advertisements was exponentially increasing. This form of protest was first use by French Situationists in the 1960s. Read what it means and how to use subvertising to your advantage. We recommend What are public relations instruments and how to use them? What is subversiveness in advertising? Subvertising is the alteration or counterfeiting of advertisements. It usually has a social context – it is done by activists or artists. It can be a commentary on the company’s activities or sensitize to an important social problem.

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It takes the form of graffiti, modifications or additions to advertisements on the street. The second form of subvertising is advertising inspire by the original, but with a change message. They look very similar, but they are deploye by, for example, an NGO or activists. It can also occur on the Internet, where a video or banner of a company database is replace with a similar one, usually of the competition. Currently, the concept of subvertising is expanding to new marketing communication channels of companies Facebook or Twitter. Fake profiles or accounts can damage a company’s image.


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Often this tactic consists in taking passwords or names and giving them new meanings. We recommend Ambient advertising, or how to engage recipients today subvertising can also take place online Subvertising in examples Subvertising is an Phone Number LT expression of powerlessness in the face of the practices of large companies. As a result, corporations are most often the victims. One of the brands that is particularly affecte by this is McDonald’s. Even the famous artist Banksy uses the logo and characters from McDonald’s advertisements in his work. The characteristic arch is quite easy to copy, and its shape allows for numerous jokes and puns.

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