Homes as a center of activities


Our homes gain in importance as the center of our lives. During confinement we have had to adapt as best we could to the new situation, and we have combined our personal and professional lives with everything that this implies. And this situation will continue, at different levels, during the coming months and even years (I am more inclined towards the latter). Many companies have extended teleworking deadlines until 2021 and 2022, schools are, for the moment, operating remotely, etc. Now we must think, how should my company change to adapt to this new situation? How do I serve clients who have changed their habits so radically?

Local consumption

Another change derived from the limitation of movement and the change in habits is the commitment to hyperlocal consumption in our daily lives due to its greater feeling of safety and quality, and out of pure solidarity. This involves changes in customer profiles, new communication and sales strategies, new uses/roles of physical top industry data stores, new operational processes, etc. 4. New roles for physical stores Derived from the previous points, stores have a double challenge: making their spaces profitable with a lower influx of public and adapting their role in their relationship with customers.

Brand Purpose

And finally, and encompassing everything, companies need to change their approach Phone Number LT to their audience. In these times when uncertainty is one of the predominant factors, our clients are looking for something more than a commercial transaction, they are looking for a company they can trust, and that also helps them beyond its offer of products and services. To achieve this, the necessary step is for companies to define their brand purpose and be able to transmit it to the organization and its audience. It is part of the marketing philosophy that I have always defended: from the inside out and from less to more .

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