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 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of customer relationship management strategies. Ability to conduct and interpret data analysis reports. Good oral and written communication skills. Ability to solve complex problems in an effective manner. Excellent analytical and time management skills. Strong leadership ability. Capacity for appropriate decision-making. Ability to work long hours. Ability to work in a team environment.

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The company name is looking for an experienced database new database marketing manager to create and execute a range of marketing campaigns and strategies. Your primary responsibility will be to manage the maintenance developments and to regularly update our contact database. You will use the collected data to segment your customers and develop the right product for a specific audience and their specific needs.

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The ideal candidate for this position is analytical attention to detail and understanding of digital marketing best practices— and focuses on email marketing and reduction. In this role you will be busy developing and implementing Phone Number LT database marketing plans and using data analytics to optimize advertising campaigns to boost sales and maximize profits. The Database Marketing Manager also oversees all direct marketing efforts and manages our software and creates detailed monthly reports on the effectiveness of marketing programs.

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