What is Conversion Rate and How is it Calculated?

What is Conversion Rate – There are many important metrics that you should learn when implementing various types of channel marketing strategies. Metrics themselves are the result of quantitative measurements, and are usually described in the form of averages, ratios and percentages. Metrics always talk about data in the form of numbers and not text. In various types of marketing channel strategies themselves. Metrics are often used as a basis for measuring the success of a strategy. Have you been able to achieve certain targets or not at all? As MinTiv said at the beginning of the article, there are many important metrics that we can use. One of them is Conversion Rate. What is Conversion Rate ? and what is the correct way to calculate it? All your questions will be soon in this article. So listen carefully, okay.

What is Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is a metric used to measure the percentage of customers who come to the marketing media , such as websites . It is also to calculate the number of customer actions taken during the marketing media. Usually the actions Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data that are are those that lead to a sales transaction or not. Of course, the greater the number of actions that lead to transactions, the greater the level of success of the marketing campaign. How to Calculate Conversion Rate To be able to calculate the conversion rate is very simple. What we to do is divide the number of conversions on certain marketing media such as websites. We divide the number of conversions by the total average number of visitors on the website in a certain time period. The result of this division is then by As a comparison, the average conversion rate for all types of business industries is . If the value is , of course you can raise the bar higher. The actual figure is not too high, especially now that businesses are well with online systems.

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How to Increase Conversion Rate

After knowing what conversion is and how to calculate it, the next thing you to know is how to increase it. Of course there are many ways to improve it. Starting from fundamental methods, such as sharpening skills to understand Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List brand knowledge. Understand Unique Selling Point well . Create a mature business plan including the marketing funnel . We can also increase this conversion rate with a more practical approach. In this article, MinTiv will explain ways. Starting from; Create an attractive landing page The first is to create an attractive landing page . A landing page itself is a website page that only consists of one section. It does not contain a menu that connects visitors to other website pages . Yes, there is only one page that contains full information about a product. Of course, the product information on the landing page is made in persuasive sentences and contains copywriting rules.

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