Insulin resistance: Glucose has difficulty entering insulin-dependent organs

A priori, insulin resistance is entirely physiological and serves to produce a distribution of energy. Has difficulty entering to organs that require has difficulty entering energy at specific times. When this condition is prolonged over time and results in an increase in fat tissue, it is no longer physiological. So far, everything is still going well because if we have good adipose tissue expansion, we will be able to accumulate fat without creating inflammation. The problem arises when you are unable to expand fat tissue further and lipolysis occurs, with fat accumulating in the internal organs where it does not belong: visceral fat. What are the consequences of this? Basically unlimited because fat is our largest endocrine organ, meaning it is capable of producing substances that alter other organs. These substances are called adipocytokines, the most prominent of which are tumor necrosis factor alpha TNFa, interleukin Il-, and leptin.

What would you think if I told you that elevated

TNFα is now known to have osteoblast inhibitory and osteoclast activating effects? Well, what you’re definitely thinking about is that in the case of insulin resistance, excess visceral fat can actually destroy your bones. Thirst and Hydration: Like other connective tissues, bones have an extracellular matrix formed from fibrous and non-fibrous components. The latter consists of certain protein Belgium Mobile Number Database complexes such as glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans. Simply put, they are responsible for, among other things, capturing water. Yes, that’s right, bones are made of water. Which brings us to something you might be thinking about: Is drinking water important for my bone quality? Seems so simple, right? At this point you should ask yourself something more important: Have you been thirsty all day? Although it may seem strange to you, today, many people have lost the sense of thirst, and if I wasn’t thirsty, I wouldn’t go looking for water.

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The neuroendocrine pathway of thirst

The entire orchestra of enzymes and hormones produc in search of water is fascinating. Of course, if you drink non-water things like juice, coffee or soft drinks throughout the day, as well as products full of additives and salt, we will Honduras Phone Number List eventually feel thirsty. Acidity: Anaerobic conditions can cause acidosis, which I’m sure you’ve heard before. This condition, which can be cause by mineral deficiency, lack of fluids, hypoxia. Or poor proton management at digestive levels, activates certain protein complexes such as the RANK receptor activator nuclear factor Kappa B, which actually inhibits osteogenesis cells and activate osteoclasts. Also, did you know that calcium bicarbonate is a good acidity buffer and in order to form this complex we calcium, where is the calcium? In the bones. So even if you consume a lot of calcium, the acidic process can decalcify your bones.

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