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So in most of the websites I’ve seen. E-commerce data and conversions that we had in UA configur by Google Tag Manager will not be collect. In addition, automatic configuration will not add filters IP addresses to be eclud, referral eclusions. Payment gateways, Connections to Google Search Console. Connection with Google Merchant If you already have GA configur according to your nes. Will the automatic configuration also reach your GA service? Yes, it will reach your service and it is highly likely that your eisting settings will be replac with default settings.

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To avoid this, go to the net paragraph and see how to opt out of automatic configuration. How to opt out of the automatic configuration of Analytics? The simplest option to completely opt out go to Admin > Universal Analytics > Google Analytics Setup Assistant and set the GA basic auto setup slider to “off” If you database don’t want to opt out completely, for eample, if you want Google to configure only certain options automatically Create a GA service. Connect UA to GA go to Administration > Universal Analytics > Google Analytics Setup Assistant Make sure that you have enabl the automatic configuration of the GA basic service.


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Then while still in the Administration section, go to GA Service > Configure Assistant Mark as complete those items from the list that you do not want to be automatically configur. will be autoconfigur by Google as long as it doesn’t encounter any restrictions. Image search – what is it and how to do it? Paulina Roszko February , You will read in ~ min. Image search – what is it and how do you do it? Image search is a feature appreciat by more and more Phone Number IT Internet users. This option gives you access to information about a given product, person or place.

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