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With the design that was created in the previous stage. Program testing: units In this stage, tests are carried. Out on the units required in the software being developed. Program testing: system At this stage a test is carried out on the entire software system before the software is used. Program use In this stage, users are taught how to use the software that has been created. Software maintenance Usually in this stage maintenance is carried out on the software that has been created, maintenance can be in the form of system updates or fixing existing errors or bugs . Because the fountain method is an improvement on the waterfall method, this method has advantages and disadvantages .

The following are the advantages

of the fountain method: Has an ordered process, so work can be scheduled well and easily. Suitable for systems with low complexity (predictable). Can skip or prioritize several stages. Each process carried out cannot overlap with each other. The following are the disadvantages of the waterfall method: The processing whatsapp data time is relatively longer, because you have to wait for the previous stage to complete. The costs required are more expensive because the development time required is longer. This fountain model is not suitable for developing projects that have high complexity. So, now you know what SDLC methods are used in software development, right? In its use, each team must apply different methods to develop software because each method has its own  FountainThe last SDLC method is fountain.

That are similar to the waterfall method

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Advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Method, you and your team can use. Tthe appropriate method to develop a program. SDLC Method in Software Development – end Also read . The following selected articles:Web developers.  Phone Number IT Must really understand how to create a site . So that the site runs optimally and in accordance. With the purpose for which it was created. However, it is not uncommon for developers to make mistakes with CSS , for example writing wrong code, code that is too long, and other mistakes. Before we discuss what errors often occur, let’s find out first.

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