How to move from a state of inflammation to a state of health

There is often a low-grade inflammatory process underlying the so-called “diseases of civilization”. Our poor eating and resting habits, constant stress and sedentary lifestyles can cause the immune system to respond incorrectly. This reaction is a precursor to more serious pathology. But just as the problem comes from us, the solution also lies within us. Spaced meals, regular sleep, physical activity on an empty stomach or eating when hungry are some of the simple things we can do to transform an inflammatory state into a healthy state. Inflammation and Diseases of Civilization Look around. Of course, within your closest circles you will find family members, friends, or colleagues suffering from symptoms of some of the so-called “diseases of civilization.” Obesity, type 2 diabetes, migraines, skin problems, allergies, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases.

They are epidemics that are quietly spreading

In the developed world and are spreading rapidly in other countries that follow their example. While these diseases did not exist, if at all, in only a small percentage of hunter-gatherer societies, they took their toll as developing countries became Taiwan Mobile Database integrated into our lifestyle. Health loss. Let’s think about these diseases. Their existence is becoming more widespread and affects more and more people. And, while many of them have a genetic basis, that alone doesn’t explain the wild growth that has occurred in recent decades. In fact, it is estimated that the influence of genes and their possible mutations can only explain these disorders. Genes are predisposing factors, not determinants We must be clear about this: Each of us may have a genetic predisposition to one disease or another.

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But this is a tendency

Not a condemnation. Unlike some hereditary diseases such as Down syndrome, Angelmam syndrome, cystic fibrosis…, in development-related diseases, genes do not play a decisive role. It depends on our environment and habits. Adverse circumstances France Phone Number List therefore make each of us more susceptible to illness. The outlook is definitely not optimistic. Indeed, they are trying measures such as restricting traffic to purify the air we breathe, or banning the use of antibiotics in the animals we eat. But the fact is that things like adding processed products to children’s snacks are still absolutely normal in our daily lives. People are so accepting that even in children’s hospitals they are given cookies, industrial custards, juice boxes.We know these products are the first step to future health disorders.

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